When Do You Think You Should Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets make your kitchen area look beautiful and well-maintained. The cabinet also helps you to keep all the kitchen materials safely and makes the kitchen look cleaner. In spite of all the care, the kitchen cabinets would be damaged and worn out at some point or the other. You can replace the kitchen cabinets or opt for custom cabinets in order to make your kitchen look as good as new.

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Longevity of the Cabinet

While installing the kitchen cabinet, you might feel that it is going to last for a lifetime, but it is not so. The longevity of the kitchen cabinet varies on the basis of the quality of wood. Some cabinets might last for fifty years while some to others might need to be replaced in five years.  The kitchen sink usually lasts for five to ten years while the faucet can last for fifteen years. The dishwasher lasts for a period of nine years and the cabinets are estimated to last for a period of fifty years. The cooking range and gas usually last for a period of fifteen years. The refrigerator in the kitchen last for at least thirteen years and the stone countertops do not get damaged easily.

If you are planning to replace the various parts of the kitchen along with the cabinets, you should check out the style and the budget. The cabinets are going to last longer that all the other equipment and hence you should pick out the cabinets which match the appliances which you are using at present. It is better to opt for cabinets with a classic style. You can also get custom cabinets designed for your kitchen.

By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea when you need to replace your kitchen cabinets and opt for custom cabinets.

Water Damage

If you find that the cabinets are swollen up or are not closing properly then you should definitely replace them. Since the cabinets are made up of wood, they are prone to water damage and there is abundant water in the kitchen. The wood of the cabinets might get damaged in case of a leak. If the wood in the cabinet has started to wrap or molds are visible or the outer side of the cabinet is delaminating, you should replace the cabinet and opt for custom cabinets.

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Frustrating Function

If the cabinets are not working for you then you need to replace them immediately. if the cabinets are not easy to access or open up in the wrong manner, you should consider replacing the cabinets. If the drawers are getting stuck while opening, you should also replace the cabinet.

Soft Cabinets

If the cabinets have become soft then they need to be replaced immediately. in case of such a scenario, you can conclude that the cabinets have been totally damaged and will soon fall apart.

Moldy Cabinets

If you find mold in the cabinets, you can clean it up. In case the mold has been left unattended it can spread drastically and can damage the cabinet. You need to replace the cabinet and opt for custom cabinets for your kitchen.