All about the Types of Paint and Finish

Are you confused about which type of paint would be suitable for your painting project? Choosing the right type of paint and finishes is important as it would help to provide a right character to the living space. According to painters toronto, selecting the right kind of paint and finishes can easily decorate and protect the space. However, before choosing any kind of paint color, it is important to prepare the surface. Only then the painting will come out beautiful.

Learning the Paint Types

Have you planned to carry out the painting project on your own? You will then need to learn about the different type of paints that are availablein the market.

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Most of the paints that are available in the market fall under the categories of eggshell, flat or gloss, and semi-gloss. In most cases, one would need to apply the first coat on the surface that is going to be painted.

Base Coats

In order to get a decorative finish coat, it is very important to choose the right base coats.

  • Primer

Painter’s Toronto mentions that it can be used on uncoated and new surfaces. The primer can form a good base for further coats. You can spray the paint with a right sprayer. When going for primer, one can go for oil or water based primers.

  • First Coat

This type of paint can be used for building up density beneath the finish coats. One or two coats of first coat paint can provide a decorative finish. Oil-based first coat paints can be great for interior and exterior painting.

Finish Coats

Once the base coats are applied, the decorative finish can be applied to the surfaces. Take a look at the different kind of finishes. They are:

  • Flat

Painter’s Toronto mentions that it is one type of versatile paint which can be used for walls and ceilings. Finishes are available in dead-flat matt, water based egg-shell, matte, and silk. Some finishes are suitable for coping with moisture. However, for a rough surface, exterior flat paint is more suitable.

  • Eggshell

This kind of finishes is more durable rather than being flat. Hence, one can use this kind of finishes for interior wood surfaces. They are a great alternative to semi-gloss paints.

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  • Gloss and Satin

Painter’s Toronto can offer great quality hardwearing finishes. The gloss is most suitable for wooden and metal surfaces. On the other hand, satin is less shiny. Hence, it is more suitable for woodwork. Usually, solvent and latex based version of satin paints is suitable for interior and exterior painting.

  • Water and Solvent-Based Paints

Water-based paints make use of water for acting as a binder. A Solvent-based paint uses mineral spirit in order to make the paint thinner. Homeowners can ask for natural wood finishes in water and oil-based form. These types of paints are great alternative to oil-based paints.

Painter’s Toronto can provide customers with specialty paints. The paints can last long if they are used with the right primer and applied correctly. Good quality paints can make a space look beautiful.

Surprise Your Toddler With Baby Gift Baskets

For any parent, the world around their children is filled with amazement, joy, dreams, and possibilities. Parents simply love the idea of pampering their little ones with different types of gift items. For any parent, the beautiful smile on the face of their little one is even more satisfying than the cost of the items.

However, when the question of choosing a gift item for infants or toddler comes, many parents get confused. They don’t know which gifts they should pick up. To help out parents, gift stores offering baby gift baskets is there to help out. Basically baby gift baskets form excellent gifting idea as it can include all necessary gift items in it. Everything that a child or a toddler may need can be included within the basket.

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Rising Popularity of Gift Baskets

There is no denying of the fact that gift baskets for babies or toddlers can be little bit exciting. It allows one to celebrate any occasion very easily without worrying about the gift. For instance, if one is looking forward to celebrate the birthday of their toddler, they can easily get a birthday themed basket. Similarly, baskets for other events, such as summer party for toddlers or for birthday games are also available.

The idea of going for gift baskets is not a new thing. The baskets are not only customizable but some basic baby gift baskets can be given to each and every toddler. For instance, a candy basket can be given to the friends of your toddler when they come for his/her birthday. Toddlers would love to see a basket full of candies of their choice.


Other Ways to Surprise Your Little One

Children love surprises and when you gift them with gift baskets ahead of any occasions or just casually, they would simply love the whole idea. If you want to go ahead and make your toddler happy, try out for the following gift basket ideas.

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Sleepover Basket: A baby gift basket containing all sleepover items can be simply amazing. Your toddler might scream on seeing beautiful night gowns, socks, blankets, and dresses within the basket.

Bath Time Basket: Toddlers seem to copy their parents. They just admire the different lotions or oils that their mother applies before going for a bath. You can customize a basket with organic baby oils, baby lotions, and creams inside the basket.  Seeing these items would definitely bring a big smile on their faces.

Candy Basket: A baby gift basket filled with candies and chocolates is bound to make them happy. Even though chocolates may not be suitable for the teeth of the little one, it would be better to provide them some chewable candies. However, parents would need to check that their little one brushes their teeth after eating the candies.

Toy Baskets: Gifts baskets can be provided with a personal touch with small impressive gifts. Toys can be gifted to your little one provided it should not be hazardous to their health.

When you give your kid/ toddler a beautifully decorated basket, it would easily brighten up their face. Moreover, by tailoring the baby gift baskets with their necessary gift items would definitely make them jump with joy.